dag1754 – We open our doors on Fridays and Saturdays, between 6pm and  9pm.  Maximum of 8 guests – by reservation only.

When Making Reservation…

– Please give us your arrival time
– Please state number of arriving guests
– Notify us in case of allergies, so we can modify your dishes
– Decide on preferred menu for all arriving guests (changes may be possible at the table, but in general we prepare ahead specially what you wish to get)
– Please give us your name and phone number. If traveling – name of your hotel is required

To Make Reservation

Please call Margaret or Derek – your hosts (767) 449-9954  – MINIMUM 2 days ahead!
or email us at:       office @   (please remove spaces)

For your convenience we also offer on-line booking system below.
Our table has 8 seats. They are available on first come basis, no particular seats are being reserved. No minimum number of guests required.

Please pick on calendar Fridays or Saturdays only, between 6pm and 9pm, or system will reject your reservation. Book minimum 2 days ahead, please.
Write your preferred menu choices in comment box.
If you have allergies, special requests, or if you use “Privacy Option” to book all seats,  please let us know in comment box.

Cancel reservation

Step 1: Select date and time