_DAG6472sm– We open our doors on Fridays and Saturdays, between 6pm and  9pm.  Maximum of 8 guests only. Reservations required.


When are you open, and how many spaces do you offer?
 We open our doors on Fridays and Saturdays, between 6pm and  9pm.  Maximum of 8 guests only (minimum 1 person)

How to make reservation?
Most simple way is to call us. You can also email or book on line. Check Reservations page for details.

What are your prices?
We have one price for all food: 
all complete meals (entry, main course and dessert)  have fixed price of $135 EC Dollars (XCD), (or $55 USD), and include two complimentary drinks.  Drinks/extras are NOT included. Available extras are listed and priced on our menu, with more drink choices available at the table.

Can we dine alone?
We offer Privacy Option:
It is probable that our 8-person table will be shared with other guests. It usually is fun, you may have great time and make new friends or chat with old ones. If a complete privacy is important to you, you can buy-out all spaces (if not already booked) @ $70 EC per space.  For example, if you come with one more person but want the Privacy Option, you can buy out six other spaces at 6x$70 EC.  If there is four of you coming, you can buy-out four remaining spaces at 4x$70 EC. This would assure your total privacy and undisturbed dining experience.

How about children?
We apologize but we are not prepared for small children, and also have comfort of other guests in mind. Therefore we kindly ask not to come with children below 10 years old.  Keep in mind this is not a typical restaurant setting, but you will actually be a guest in our home.

What if I have food allergies, or I am vegetarian/vegan?
When making your booking, please let us know about possible allergies of all guests. We will do our best to modify your dishes accordingly.   If we are not informed at booking time, we may not be able to modify everything at the last minute. While we offer vegetarian menu, we are unable to provide completely vegan food.

How to order from your menu?
For simplicity, typical “closed door restaurants” offer only a single selection; one set of entries, main course and dessert. We offer you choice of at least two different dishes – but we appreciate you ordering  when making reservation, so we can have your preferred choice ready for you. Ordering at a table may be possible, but we may run out of some things if we don’t know ahead. Some customers prefer to get a surprise and ask us to prepare what we have best at the moment.

Can we use credit cards?
We apologize but at this time we accept cash only. Caribbean and US Dollars are accepted.

What is your “Dinner Club” option?
It is created for those who want to come often. Tell us you plan to return frequently and we will setup a “Club Card” for you. After each 5 visits within 1/2 year, the sixth visit will be on us! (Extra drinks not included). Each card is valid for 1/2 year from date of setup. We will record dates of your visits on your card. Each guest can have such card – but it is NOT transferable. This is our way of saying Thank You to our regular patrons.

How big is your place?
We have one large table ready for up to 8 guests. No additional space is typically offered.  We may try to accommodate special requests for larger groups and add a small table (up to 12  guests in total), but keep in mind it is not your typical restaurant setting. You will be actually visiting our home full of oriental and exotic furniture and decor. Low number of guests is actually considered part of charm of “closed door restaurants” and leads to a better experience.

Why are you open only 2 days a week? Can I book on other day?
We love cooking (and know how to do it), but we work regularly in other professions. This leaves us with only part time to serve our guests. We are not open for lunch. For parties of four and bigger, we may TRY to accommodate requests to open on other day – but we can’t promise it will be possible. Please contact us to discuss it.

Where are you located?
We are in an old plantation house named Morne Guay, in Eggleston behind Retreat House. A beautiful serene location surrounded by nature. It is some 15 minutes drive from Roseau, on hills overviewing Caribbean Sea. If needed, we will give you detailed directions when you call. If you don’t have a car, you can call Alwin Taxi Service (767) 448-4260 and simply say you need to come to Derek and Margaret in Eggleston, past the Retreat House. He will know. Please call him in advance to make arrangements.

When should we arrive?
Our doors are open between 6pm and 9pm. You can arrive at any time between 6 and 8pm, but we ask for estimated arrival time when booking, to make sure we have everything ready to serve you.
If you are NOT coming, please call to cancel  ASAP.

What else?
We hope you will love our dishes (most people do) and we will do our best to make you happy. But we can’t be kept responsible for any unforeseen problems, dislikes, accidents on the way to us or in our premises, mosquito bites, broken hearts, windy or rainy evenings, potholes in the road, and other unfortunate circumstances. By making your reservation you agree you will visit us at your own risk 🙂

More questions? Please email us or call 767-4499954
Thank you!