What Are We?

_DAG6961smWhat Is a Closed-Door Restaurant?

You can call it an “underground of fine dining”, but it is a newly emerging style of “last years’ Argentina’s super-hit puertas cerradas. These are very popular culinary offshoot in the last few years – ‘closed-door restaurants’. These places are open only a day to few days per week, have timed seatings and are generally prix fixe (and cash only). They’re not marked with signs and you have to ring a bell to enter. They won’t even tell you the address until you make reservations (mandatory, of course). But for that tingly feeling brought on by discovering something off the beaten path – with some of the city’s best food to boot – these places are for you. You dine in the chef’s actual home, and usually sit at a communal table. This is a great way to meet other people, often interesting travelers or expats.”  (this is what Lonely Planet says about Closed-Door restaurants).

Similar private home restaurants are known in other countries of this region too, for example St Kitts, or French Guyana. In Europe they are  recently gaining popularity under name of “living room restaurants”. They always offer upscale food and an unique experience, well worth coming to often remote locations.

About Us

We offer fine cooking like nothing else in Dominica. A fusion of upscale world dishes with strong influence of Medditerranean, Indian, and European styles. Those who are familiar with world cuisine will find here what they may be missing in Dominica. We do not compete with Dominica’s restaurants serving local Creole food. We simply cook what we love and what we miss from Europe and our travels, and we share our love with you. Lots of ingredients are specially imported for our Magic Table.

We open our doors only on Fridays/Saturdays, between 6pm to 9pm,  by pre-booking ONLY, required at least 2 days ahead.

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Who Are We?

We are a couple from Eastern Europe who travelled the world and worked in different professions. We both have arts-related education and work most time in creative media.
But we both love to cook and bake. Me (Margaret) – born in a family of European bakers and pastry masters, I experienced my first thrills of fine foods as a small child. My husband (Derek) also enjoys cooking a lot, he used to work as a pizza chef – among other jobs throughout the life. We both have artistic professions, and for us baking and cooking is yet another expression of artistic creativity. We try to improve our  dishes and bring them to the next level of excellence. When I am stressed out, I cook and bake to relax. When I am happy, I love making fine pastries.  Our guests are always impressed with the food we serve.

We missed European quality food and decided we should do it for ourselves – also sharing it with those who appreciate quality refined food. It is our passion and fun! We don’t eat meat, therefore we specialize in seafood and vegetarian dishes (you may be surprised with some vegetarian dishes NOT tasting the usual vegetarian way at all!)

Our food is totally home made using only the best ingredients available – often the ingredients need to be ordered from Europe and abroad, making our products luxurious, rare and desirable on Dominica’s market. No preservatives or artificial colourings are used. I hand pick my ingredients and search for the most aromatic spices. I passionately search for old, rare recipes. All is prepared in a non-commercial way, we don’t compromise the quality for quantity. This is food at its finest. I hope you can taste the difference!

our breadWe also bake European style bread and pastries – breads: Dark German Rye, and Multigrain Goodhearth, along with the sweet Challah bread – kosher, loved around the world braided delicacy. We usually bake our bread on Fridays, so you can order it couple of days ahead.
Pastries:  Famous Linzen Torte, French Pound cake, and others. Please see our other site for details.
You can learn more about our bread, pastries, and other for-sale, ready to go fine food by visiting our other site:  http://artisanbakings.wordpress.com

Contact Us

To book table space (or to order bread) call us at 767-449-9954.
We are located in Eggleston, on hills above Roseau (only
15 minutes drive), in Dominica, W.I.

Thank you, see you soon!
Derek and Margaret